Alex - Continuum

This is my work as a character artist for our last project in my bachelor's degree at Centre NAD.
The project, named Continuum, was done from September to December 2012, and the team was comprised of 5 people.

With the exception of high-res sculpts, all the screenshots and videos here are taken from UDK in real time.

One of the features I added to the character was this dynamic snow material on the clothing of the character.

Zbrush sculpts for the head:

Wrinkle Maps Sculpt for the head:

The full high-res:

Radio sculpt:

Pick-hammer sculpt:

GPS sculpt:

The Textures:

2k Sets:

1k Set:

512 tillable set:

Wrinkle Maps

With the facial pose I sculpted, I created this set of wrinkle maps. They were used in the game, and controlled by an RGBA Mask (seen below) and the rotation of the bones in the facial rig.