Continuum - Environments

For our final project at Centre NAD I was charged to do the character and most of the exterior environments.

Continuum"s Trailer:

For the exteriors I created the skybox, the mountains and terrains, with the exception of the backplate mountains that were created by Michael Meltchenko
I also did the Post-Process, color balance of the exterior scenes to create the right ambience we wanted for the game.

The terrains and mountains were done in Zbrush first, After a Retopology and Unwrap they were imported into UDK.

The textures:


Rock (Normal map by Michael Meltchenko):


I was also charged with the creation of most of the materials used in the game. This particular material permitted us to blend Rock, Ice, and Snow in a realistic manner, controlling the softness of the blend and the translucency of the Ice.